New Deerhoof – “Matchbook Seeks Maniac (Dedication Mix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Deerhoof soundtracked hunky actor Justin Theroux’s directorial debut Dedication, which stars Billy Crudup as a kid’s book scribe with Mandy Moore as an illustrator … wonder where that goes, eh? The score includes music by Joanna Newsom, Au Revoir Simone, Cat Power, the Strokes, Lightning Bolt, and Fischerspooner, as well as tunes by the San Fran art-rockers themselves, including the celluloid, just-like-honey remix of that slinky, soul ‘n’ power-selling Friend Opportunity number “Matchbook Seeks Maniac.”

On the newbie, the drums are more echoey Ronnettes, the organs beefier, the vocals sultrier/less clean, the guitars smoothed a bit … tres romantic comedy! The shifts are subtle, and we’re likely inventing some of ‘em, but when Satomi asks “why does power always seek the boy?,” we keep thinking of Crudup shrugging his shoulders all abashed, manly … now that never used to happened! The tune will appear on a Kill Rock Stars 7″ picture disc with “Makko Shobu” on 9/11. Get a listen below.

Deerhoof – “Matchbook Seek Maniac (Dedication Mix)”

Dedication opens in New York and L.A. 8/24. The soundtrack’s out September on Commotion Records/KOCH. Decided to go with a pic of Justin. For the ladies.

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