Ben Gibbard Was A Punk Rocker

The internet age’s far reaching implications, in three oversimplified points: easy access to vast quantities of music, the proliferation of porn domains, and never being able to run from your past. So be careful what you post! And if you’re considering a career as a rock star, know that those early demos will be dug up and spread far and wide — especially if you’re in a sensitive indie rock band, and you used to be, say a snarling punk rocker. This morning, reader Caleb tipped us to a handful of MP3s featuring Ben Gibbard’s “awful high school punk band.” Explaining the songs’ origins in a blog post, Caleb elaborated:

About two years ago the cassette surfaced (I believe via the Death Cab message boards) and horrified fan boys everywhere. Gibbard can be heard sharing vocal duties (if you can call them that) and showing off a nasally punk-rock growl.

More specifically, the future Death Cabbie shares vocal duties with Justin Kennedy, now of L.A. quartet Army Navy, who’ve recorded a full-length debut but have yet to sign to a label. The songs include “the demo” and the real find, an unreleased track “Radio Static Scars” performed on Bellingham radio (formative Cutie!).

Call us crazy, but we can see something worthwhile in the power-slop. Yeah some sucks and none’s especially hot, but it’s definitely of that time: Makes sense they were cutting their teeth in the same town as Crayon ? and maybe they secretly dug a kinder, gentler Jawbreaker (check out “Honey and Acetylene”).

Pinweel – “Honey And Acetylene” (MP3)

Head over to Hard To Find A Friend for the rest. This is kind of like a celebrity sex tape! Except that you’ll never see it on Perez. Thank god.

NOTE: Benjamin! What a cutie.