Jon Giovanni – “Take Off”

Jon Giovanni is a new addition to Grizzy, the label of London DJ/producer Graeme Sinden. Basement Jaxx’s Felix Buxton produced “Take Off,” and on the Basement Jaxx website he describes Giovanni as a “… mysterious international playboy.” There’s not much information available on the Grizzly site or elsewhere. There’s a good chance it’s actually Buxton in an open-shirted Italian guise (plus the cartoon Giovanni looks a lot like Buxton). All you really need to know about Jon Giovanni is in this outsized disco track and its video, which is made up of rapid-fire TV, movie, internet, and video game clips. It’s too bad we didn’t talk about this before the holidays — the song’s multiple countdowns and giant hook would have been fun to play over and over again on New Year’s Eve. Check it out:

The “Take Off” single is out 1/31 via Grizzly.