House Soundtrack Features Elvis Covering Christina, Makes Us Collect “Teardrop”s

A few years ago, Hugh Laurie set aside his Steven Fry-collaborating comic past and his British accent to take over FOX (and the Golden Globes) with his portrayal of Dr. House (although he is better remembered around here for calling us “sweet cheeks”). On top of his debonair charm, Hugh’s got a good voice (which you can’t tell at all from this one-second protest song), which is why he’s featured on the show’s foray into soundtrack territory, covering the Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” with the Band From TV. The House comp highlights some songs featured during the series’s run thus far, including Elvis Costello covering Xtina’s “Beautiful,” and opening with the Massive Attack classic “Teardrop.” Which is a most excellent excuse for us to post this most excellent cover of the Massive jam by pigman lover José González who, despite his best efforts, continues to carve a place for himself as a an all-star cover artist.

José González – “Teardrop” (Live) (MP3)

Compare and contrast to the psych-y, instrumental take by Chris Funk’s Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble, streaming on MySpace. As for Elvis, while we don’t have full audio, here’s a snippet of his Aguilera tribute. You’ll enjoy it even more if you speak German.

The House soundtrack is out 9/18 on Nettwerk. Check the tracklist:

01 Massive Attack – “Teardrop” (North American version only)
02 Gomez – “See The World”
03 Jon Clearly & The Absolute Monster Gentleman – “Got To Be More Careful”
04 Ben Harper – “Waiting On An Angel”
05 Michael Penn – “Walter Reed”
06 Elvis Costello – “Beautiful” (previously unreleased)
07 Joe Cocker – “Feelin’ Alright”
08 Sarah McLachlan – “Dear God”
09 Josh Rouse – “God, Please Let Me Go Back”
10 Lucinda Williams – “Are You Alright?”
11 Josh Ritter – “Good Man”
12 Band From TV – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (previously unreleased)