New Andrew Bird Video – “Imitosis”

Maybe there’s some sorta male teacher trend in videos in response to Van Halen’s reunion and all those resurfacing memories of Waldo and classroom bikinis. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, “Imitosis,” directed by the bug-loving Britta Johnson, finds Andrew (nice socks, dude) chirping about palindromes in a student-free classroom with violin, glockenspiel, electrodes, and some Thomas Pynchon name dropping.

Difficult to tell what those geometric scribbles, prison-style crosshatches, and crazy-ass numbers mean (and, hey, why’s Professor Pynchon blowing up so many little balloons beyond using ‘em for that one moment of percussion?), but whatever makes those bejeweled spiders and beetles and assorted crawlies jig around the Bunsen Burners and the Vaseline-like stuff with lil’ flags and feathers and slick moves seems like successful science to us.

Armchair Apocrypha is out on Fat Possum

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