Mandy Moore Covers Rihanna

“Umbrella” has been so inescapable this summer, topping charts from Canada to Croatia (seriously, Jim was just there and they play it constantly when they’re not losing your luggage). In this week’s Hills season premiere MTV strategically used Rihanna’s smash, as well as the sultry, acoustic take by YouTuber Marié Digby (take that Heidi, you lying bitch.). But the deluge ain’t over yet. Former “Candy” girl and current Triple-A radio hopeful-Duritz muse-actress Mandy Moore dropped by Yahoo! to deliver an even more mawkish full band version. You’ll love her intro: “This was one of my favorite songs, um, I guess, of the moment? I don’t know, I’m not a big Top 40 sort of listener and I don’t tend to listen to this type of music…” Um, enjoy?