Asked And Selectively Answered: The Smashing Pumpkins Come Clean About … Very Little

We told you about the Ask A Pumpkin! promotion way back when ? Well, Billy and Jimmy have answers to their favorite questions! Sadly, their favorites queries and ours weren’t very similar. There’d been etiquette tips like “keep it simple and direct” and “zoom in, camera steady and let your voice be heard loud and clear,” and we spotted most of our top picks amid the inaudible and longwinded. For instance, really can’t believe they ignored the well-mannered, hard-to-hear Harry Potter! And, considering the weirdness and fan alienation surrounding Zeitgeist, we were also hoping B&J would take a stab at Futureghost’s query about recent promotional gimmicks.

Instead, they take softballs on subjects like Paris Hilton, laughing on stage, and guitar setups, while offering props to Mars Volta and, more interestingly, Celebration. Who knew! Way to be, Billy. And you gotta admit, Corgan looks very sweet and sincere during that guitar rig bit. But entirely evasive during the bald-head part.