New U.S.E. – “All The World” & “All The World (Ron Kurti Remix)”

Longstanding Seattle group U.S.E., aka United States Of Electronica, are offering a sample of their forthcoming sophomore LP LOVEWORLD as well as their current “All The World” EP (they like to release EP’s). It’s the first we’ve heard from them since 2005. One thing to note: “All The World” won’t be LOVEWORLD’s lead single. The band just wanted to get some music out and since we’re told the album’s 95% done, they’re close enough — does this mean the lead single’s in that last 5%? Whatever the case, the EP arrives with handmade spray-painted covers along with “All The World” and a DJ Ron Kurti remix of the same track. We have them sans spray-painted covers, but just as much colorful confetti.

U.S.E. – “All The World” (MP3)
U.S.E. – “All The World (Ron Kurti Remix)” (MP3)

The “All The World” EP, which includes both of these tracks along with “What We Fitin’ 4,” is out via Mannheim Worldwide/ You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for the full-length.

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