New Eagles – “How Long”

Baby boomers of the world unite ? Eagles are flying again! (Yeah, sorry for that.) But seriously, time to put the Best Of collections on hold (step. away. from. the. turntable.), because “How Long,” the single from Long Road Out Of Eden, the first album of new Eagles material in almost three decades, has surfaced on radio and MySpace (with video premiering Sunday). The three-minute tune’s an inoffensive, Wilburys-rambler about rockin’ yourself to sleep: Won’t blow minds, but does include rather gothy lyrics (“like a bluebird with his heart removed / lonely as a train”). Plus, it’s just nice to hear those smooth-as-Coors voices blending to sing something other than “Desperado” or “Hotel California,” no matter how rad a version.

The deets? The “How Long” single and Long Road Out Of Eden pre-orders are available Monday, 8/20 via Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and the Eagles’ web site (Yup, that Corgan-esque scenario offers a pretty solid chance of picking up a bag of Cheetos with your new tunes!) The site/those chains, will also sell the album, due in late October.