New Dashboard Confessional – “Thick As Thieves”

Whenever we hear Dashboard Confessional yowler Chris Carrabba do his achy breaky, we wonder, just slightly, how much his diehards overlap with the kids, say, screaming ’bout early-period Oberst. No? See if you can get what we’re saying when you listen to his new confession, “Thick As Thieves” (wait until he really digs into that “it won’t stop bleeee-eeeed-innggg”). If the studio version doesn’t cut it, filter his sadness through the talky crowd during a live performance of the track at a show last month in NYC. Guess it’s a different sort of emo? It’s better than the new one from his bros Crows, which true, isn’t saying too much, but he definitely has better hair than Lord Conor.

As both the recording and video suggest, Carrabba has gone back to those earlier acoustic ways on the forthcoming The Shade of Poison Trees, which will be unplugged to the hilt … all the better to hear that sensitive, wounded poetry. Dig the smashed apple/bleedy heart cover image, and get ready to see it emblazoned on back-to-school notebooks everywhere.

The Shade Of Poison Trees is out 10/2 on Vagrant Records