New Car Stereo (Wars) – “Charlie B. Barkin'”

“Ghostface Observatory” got his name out and about last year, now Austin’s Car Stereo (Wars), aka Chris Rose, has made good on that Ghostface/Ghostland Observatory overlap, dropping a debut full-length The Bandit. Why that title for a collection of crazy-ass pop-cultural-snatching mashes? Sampling thievery? Appropriation? Nope, try Burt Reynolds. Rose contacted us to explain:

It’s a Burt Reynold’s themed party/mash-up record kinda like Girl Talk or Hollertronix. I use a ton of samples (a lot of fun, guilty pleasures) working in and out, similar to Girl Talk, but want the songs to feel smoother and less abrasive than the average Girl Talk song.

What he doesn’t mention, though, is that every track’s named after a Reynolds character and the first 500 copies of come complete with faux mustache plus some “one of a kind Bandit Polaroid.” Burt, sir, you should be blushing.

The material doesn’t always flow quite as seamlessly as Gillis’ jams, but we gotta say Daft Punk + “We Built This City” takes guts, as does “Girlfriend” + Nirvana. And, well, Milli Vanilli or Crash Test Dummies + anything? Mmm mmm. You can hear “Gator McKlusky’s Gold” over at Car Stereo (Wars)’s MySpace. Our favorite, though, is “Charlie B. Barkin’,” which rumbles from Kris Kross to “Lazy Sunday” with a general formula like 50 Cent + Bananarama + Suzanne Vega + Oasis + Smashing Pumpkins + Neneh Cherry + Dr. Dre + Queen/Bowie + Postal Service + ?? It’s fun tune-spotting, but if you’re not drunk it really gives you a headache, so we’ll stop there (and come back later).

Car Stereo (Wars) – “Charlie B. Barkin'” (MP3)

The Bandit is out 8/21 on the brand spankin’ new Label Artifact Workshop.