Foo Fighters Cover Arcade Fire

Foo Fighters seem to be on a good will tour, aimed directly at our bloglines: naming songs “Cheer Up Boys (Your Make-Up Is Running),” unleashing a killer first single, and now, this. The fighters of Foo swung by the BBC’s Live Lounge, performing for the Jo Whiley show and before signing off, she gave the band a choice of covers: the Fray, Lily Allen (“can you see us covering that?” responded Grohl), Elton John (“Tony Danza?”), or Arcade Fire. Before kicking into “Keep The Car Running,” Dave says:

I chose this song ’cause I listen to it every morning when I wake up and I figured it’d be a great song to do here ’cause I’m still waking and I figure can’t wake up ’til I listen to this song so I might as well play it!

Turns out Mr. Grohl’s a big Fire fan (recently telling RS “[Keep The Car Running] is a great fucking song”). The Foo take’s very faithful, with Dave as a winning Butler. They even got an accordion! And from the looks of the pic spread below, a violin too. No hurdy gurdy though. Grohl wants to go into the chorus a little early the third time through, but we won’t blame him for wanting to rush into that part. Jo calls the cover of her favorite song this year “brave, but brilliant.” We’ll go with that.

Foo Fighters – “Keep The Car Running” (MP3)

[UPDATE: MP3 re-upped, now with less talk! Thanks aL]

The second song from Neon Bible to get prominent cover treatment (last time was Calexico on “Ocean Of Noise”. Think we can expect more. Pics from the Foo session…