New caUSE co-MOTION! Video – “Who’s Gonna Care?”

Spastic Brooklyn Slumberland outfit caUSE co-MOTION! seemingly have an endless supply of catchy 2-minute pop freak outs. If you want to check my math, check out the previously posted It’s Time! tracks “Which Way Is Up?” and “Baby Don’t Do It” before taking a look at the colorfully hyperactive, gum-snapping “Who’s Gonna Care?” video. It’s like watching hummingbirds. With bedhead.

(Via P4K)

Now hear this:

caUSE Co-MOTION! – “Who’s Gonna Care?” (MP3)

Now, for history’s sake, and so I can stop going crazy, Arno is aka Dave, the guy who used to run NJ’s Blue Tongue cassettes in the early/mid ’90s, right? I still have all those. East Coast Shrimper represent.

It’s Time!: Singles & EPs 2005-2008 is out via Slumberland. You can listen to the post-It’s Time! track “Because Because Because” at the band’s MySpace.