Marnie Stern – “Vibrational Match (Demo Version)” (Stereogum Premiere)

When I talked to Marnie Stern for a Progress Report, I was most fascinated by her work process. She makes hundreds of demos, numbers them sequentially, then has to send them to friend/musical partner Zach Hill via email, or else she’ll delete them out of frustration. For a further look into her songwriting methods, you can pick up Demo a collection of 2006 demos that fueled her 2007 album, In Advance of the Broken Arm. Portland-based cassette label Dog Daze Tapes is doing the release (the tapes come with a download link for digital version.) This demo version of “Vibrational Match” has a lot in common with the album version, but this one lets you hear her vocals (her delivery sounds like David Byrne) and her guitar work is just a bit more off-kilter. Listen:

Marnie Stern – “Vibrational Match (Demo Version)”

Demo is out 1/18 via Dog Daze Tapes. Sub Pop recently released this Max Tundra remix of Marnie Stern track “The Things That You Notice”:
Marnie Stern – “The Things You Notice (Max Tundra Remix)”

UPDATE: Stream the whole thing: