Datarock – “Give It Up (Kissy Sell Out Remix)”

You know the red tracksuits, but you haven’t heard the Kissy Sell Out remix of “Give It Up” from the Norwegians’ aptly titled forthcoming sophomore album Red. Screw subtlety! On it, they tried nailing a late ’70s and early ’80s rock feel (’76-’83, specifically, “the peak of cultural evolution”), only using equipment made prior to 1983 and replacing inspirations Talking Heads, Devo and Happy Mondays with Fela Kuti, Afrika Bambaataa and Kraftwerk. We asked the band for their thoughts on Kissy’s very modern take on “Give It Up.”

Do you recognize this version of the song as your own or is it something new?
What I love about the remix is how Kissy Sell Out’s truly rendered and reworked it and totally made it his own. Don’t know what the hell he was thinking, but being generous enough to make it into that much of an outstandingly beautiful optimistic elegy yet killer for the dancefloor, was the best thing we could possibly ask for. I’m pretty sure he even helped build an interest for [Red]. Kissy definitely kept the essence of the original, but he certainly made it into something new.


The “Give It Up” single is out 4/14 via Nettwerk. Expect a single EP with various remixes on 5/18. Red is out late summer.