‘Gum Drop Giveaway #82

While Crack The Skye is busy converting non-metal heads and reinvigorating longtime fans, you can nab a limited-edition Mastodon prize pack to show your support of the crusty (and now proggier than ever) Atlanta quartet. It includes: A Crack The Skye limited-edition ‘Tunnel Book” CD/DVD and lithograph, a limited-edition “Oblivion” t-shirt/CD single bundle, and for the older-timers, a Blood Mountain hoodie. (As far as the clothing goes, the winner picks his or her size, from S to XXL.) This is what it all looks like:

Most of the goods are self-explanatory, but here’s some more more on the currently sold out “Tunnel Book”:

[The] super-deluxe version of Crack The Skye will come housed in a hard box case featuring a third dimension worm hole design that will contain exclusive and additional album art by long-time Mastodon artist, Paul Romano. The special package will include the full-length Crack The Sky album on CD, plus a DVD containing The Making of Crack The Skye with photo gallery, Track by Track band commentary and more by director Jimmy Hubbard.

If you want more info on the other stuff, you can do that at www.mastodonrocks.com. One winner gets it all. Crack The Skye is out now via Reprise.