Staccato Du Mal – “Desespero”

Staccato du Mal is the decade-old minimal synth project of Miami’s Ramiro Jeancarlo, who also makes up half of nihilistic industrial/power electronics duo Opus Finis. He sings some of Staccato’s songs in Spanish, some in English, some both. Wierd’s called this new collection Sin Destino their darkest release to date. By a mile. The tracks are shrouded in a cold, bleak, claustrophobic atmosphere — like Jeancarlo’s reacting to Southern Florida the way California black metallers shut out their palm trees. As on those projects, you can’t keep the shades shut forever, and moments of warmth do occasionally streak the shadows. See, for instance, certain tones on the instrumental “En Sueños,” the weirdly carefree (but still strangulated) vocal lines and catchy bump of “Salvation Through Suffering,” and the dance pulse of first single “Desespero.” Danceable, but not a walk in the park: The song’s “Let me in, I want in” is romantic and threatening; its “So sorry, Charlie” hits like humor and a serial killer’s taunt. Shake your ass.

Staccato Du Mal – “Desespero”

Sin Destino:

01 “Walls Fade”
02 “Desespero”
03 “En Sueños”
04 “Salvation Through Suffering”
05 “Foto Archivo”
06 “Solo Baila Sola”
07 “Pronóstico Indefinido”
08 “Lost Image”
09 “Plea Bargain”
10 “Happy Endings”

CD-Only Bonus Tracks:
11 “Kevorkian”
12 “Logan’s Sleep”

Sin Destino is out 3/15 via Wierd. “Desespero”‘s out now as a 7″ b/w “Conducir.” The digital version comes with two alternate B-Sides, “Writing Signals” and “Embedded Reflection.”

Staccato du Mal Promo Photo 2010