New Crystal Antlers Video – “Andrew”

We first caught Crystal Antlers’ “Andrew” in sweaty live form, which isn’t a bad way to make its acquaintance. It’s the most immediate track from the Long Beach sextet’s forthcoming Touch & Go collection Tentacles. Which isn’t to say it’s the best. It’s more that the bluesy hook and overall upswing creates a tugging dynamic that melts its way into your brain first. This is why it’s the single. Check out “Andrew”‘s sunspotted video. You’ll get intimate with bark, blades of grass, bodies of water, crumbling gargoyles, and one very special mustache. Kidding aside, it’s a nice back/forth between the texture of unbridled human emotion and the texture of the unbridled natural world. Or something.

(Via P4K)

Go read Leaves Of Grass in the park:

Crystal Antlers – “Andrew” (MP3)

Tentacles is out 4/6 in the US and 4/7 in Europe via Touch & Go.