What’s The ‘Gum Drop

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed the new item at the top right of the page, looking confusingly similar to a search bar (we mistakenly tried retrieving R. Kelly posts in that thing too; don’t worry, it’s temporary) and we want you to know what’s up. Starting this Wednesday, we’re launching The ‘Gum Drop: a weekly blast of audio goodies, delivered directly to your inbox. We’re keeping the Drop short and sweet, and we promise absolutely no spam — just (1) a giveaway of something fairly exciting (i.e., expensive!), (2) a few links to noteworthy posts, and (3) a free and exclusive MP3 [secret link, not attachment] chosen by us, just for you. They’ll be tunes we’ve commissioned straight from our favorite bands, or songs they’ve just never released before. And the MP3s will NOT be posted later on Stereogum.com. They only come once from us, via e-mail. Though you’re welcome to share and host on your own blog if you’d like.

The sign up field has been up for a few weeks, but unfortunately we had a little script hiccup soon after launching, just for a few days. So if you tried signing up a week and half ago, and never received a confirmation, be on the safe side and SUBMIT AGAIN. There is no risk of receiving duplicate Drops, we promise! (If you did receive an e-mail confirmation that you’ve subscribed, you’re all set.) And if you end up hating getting free music via email, unsubscribing is always a click away.