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Stream Bruce Lamont Feral Songs For The Epic Decline (Stereogum Premiere)

Yakuza vocalist/saxophonist Bruce Lamont’s a master collaborator (see Nachtmystium, Locrian, Sigh, Minsk, Brutal Truth, etc.) and records regularly with a number of projects (Bloodiest, Circle Of Animals, Sick Gazelle, the Led Zeppelin cover band Led Zeppelin 2), but his debut solo album Feral Songs For The Epic Decline — a collection that’s truly a one-man project — is his bravest, most personal-seeming and ambitious collection to date. (To these ears it’s more deeply satisfying than the excellent Of Seismic Consequence.) Lamont offers a dark, expansive take on Americana, one you could pair with Erik Wunder’s Dax Riggs-loving Cobalt side project Man’s Gin or, in spirit, the work of Religious To Damn. But it’s more spacious and exploratory, industrial and chilly than those via a heavy use of loops, noise, screaming. Certain tracks — the 12-minute Eastern/Midwestern acoustic drone echo chamber “One Who Stands On The Earth,” the dank helicopter spins of “The Book Of The Law,” the minimalist saxophone repetitions of “Disgruntled Employer,” the Prurient-style power electronics of “Deconstructing Self-Destruction” — pair well with Lamont’s contributions to Chicago shape-shifters (and 2010 favorites) Locrian. Another touchstone would be Angels Of Light, albeit with Michael Gira channeling his angriest Swans’ side. Lamont clearly had a vision here — Feral Songs is an album that should be heard from start to finish, so please do so below. (It’s way too early to start talking about best of 2011 lists, but I’ll put that out there anyhow.)

Bruce Lamont – “One Who Stands On The Earth”
Bruce Lamont – “The Epic Decline”
Bruce Lamont – “Year Without Summer”
Bruce Lamont – “The Book Of The Law”
Bruce Lamont – “Disgruntled Employer”
Bruce Lamont – “Deconstructing Self-Destruction”
Bruce Lamont – “2 Then The 3″

Feral Songs For The Epic Decline is out 1/25 via At A Loss. Sanford Parker recorded it. Seldon Hunt did the cover art. Phil Freeman wrote the liner notes. Lamont’s in the midst of organizing a solo tour. His New York date’s scheduled for 2/27 at Union Pool.

Bruce Lamont Promo Photo 2010