New Old XTC (As The Dukes Of Stratosphear) – “My Love Explodes” & “Brainiac’s Daughter”

In the ’80s XTC recorded a couple of albums semi-anonymously as psychedelic ’60s pop outfit the Dukes of Stratosphear. The first collection was the 1985 EP, 25 O’Clock, which was followed by a 1987 full length Psonic Psunspot. (Later in 1987, the two were released as a bundle called Chips From The Chocolate Fireball.) I’m talking about all of this because Andy Partridge is now reissuing them on his own label, Ape House. To make it especially worth it, he’s included previously unreleased demos, new liner notes, videos for “Mole From The Ministry” and “You’re A Good Man Albert Brown,” etc. To get you acquainted — if you aren’t already — we have a song from each: 25 O’Clock’s “My Love Explodes” and Psonic’s “Brainiac’s Daughter.” You should be able to recognize Sir John Johns, aka Partridge, on vocals.

XTC (As The Dukes Of Stratosphear) – “My Love Explodes” (MP3)
XTC (As The Dukes Of Stratosphear) – “Brainiac’s Daughter” (MP3)

“The Mole From The Ministry”

“You’re A Good Man Albert Brown”

The 25 O’Clock and Psonic Psunspot reissues are out 4/6 via Ape House. Both are packaged in a hardback digibook that includes new artwork, archival photos, and new liners notes from the band.