The Time Of Your Life

Used to be, Andrew WK was described in terms of blood. These days, thanks to the joy he’s found for life, the “Party” star is described in terms of Tony Robbins. And it’s gonna be awhile before Andrew edges out big TR as life coach to the rock stars. Amongst Robbins’ music celeb clients: one Billie Joe Armstrong. Tony recently talked about his influence on Green Day and what BJ was listening to before playing the Grammys.

Via Details:

DETAILS: Are there prominent people who don?t want to say publicly that you?re coaching them?
TONY ROBBINS Well, of course. I have a financial trader who?s a very private guy?he calls me when he?s lost $50 million and he?s going to get his guts checked. The people I get are incredibly diverse: Anthony Hopkins, Quincy Jones, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, Green Day.

DETAILS: So Billie Joe Armstrong calls you to ask questions about music?
TONY ROBBINS: He doesn?t call me for musical decisions. Before their American Idiot Tour, a lot of people thought they were just making the same stuff, and that they weren?t very strong. But he got my tapes, and they transformed his psychology. When they were at the Grammys, he was listening to my tapes backstage, before he went on. I listen to U2 and him; he listens to U2 and me.

If you were wondering, that post header is the title of both a Tony Robbins book and of course the wedding/prom/graduation-staple Green Day song. A secret nod to Tony? Maybe! Those banana hands can be very inspiring.