New Foo Fighters Video – “The Pretender”

The new Foo video starts like a cop-out — massive set, tiny band, Dave bandaging his pickin’ hand during the “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”-ish intro, etc. And aside from some extreme close-ups of Dave and Taylor’s most excellent mugs, the clip’s nondescript. (Or maybe it’s just too familiar.) Until around T-2:30, when the army shows up. OK! Then nothing much, until around a minute left, when things get bloody ‘n’ gushy. Not bad, but with so many great clips to their name, sorta wanted more. Still love Taylor’s big hit on beat four of the fourth bar in the four-bar hook, though. We love fake downbeats.

(For our non-USA readers, we’re sorry — it’s MTV and they hate non-Americans, so it won’t work outside of our fifty states. Until tomorrow when it’s on YouTube.)

UPDATE: YouTube’d…
UPDATE #2: Back to MTV…
UPDATE #3: OK, official YouTube!

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