New Cryptacize Video – “Blue Tears”

It’s unclear how long we can mention that Sufjan-approved Cryptacize’s Chris Cohen used to play in Deerhoof. Maybe when his new band eclipses the old? And, really, maybe we shouldn’t even say “Sufjan-approved,” considering the band’s on the man’s label. Regardless, we recently gave you “Tail & Mane” from the Oakland Asthmatic Kitty trio’s forthcoming Mythomania. It was a bit of a love song. As far as we can tell — considering frontwoman Nedelle Torrisi role in this video — “Blue Tears” is a bit of an escape-from-a-hospital song. Which is where you should be if you’re actually crying blue tears.

(Via P4K, directed by Weston Currie)

To take with you on your own great escape:

Cryptacize – “Blue Tears” (MP3)

Mythomania is out 4/21 via Asthmatic Kitty.

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