New Beck – “Timebomb”

No plans for a full album, or a movie soundtrack, or anything, but Beck Hansen has given iTunes a week-long exclusive on his true single, “Timebomb.” True single in that there are no b-sides, remixes, etc. We ponied up the 99¢ for a listen (which gave us access to the masked artwork, below, along with a warm feeling of paying-for-music pride). Beck says “Timebomb” is “a song for bonfires, blackouts, and the last hurrah of summer.” Guess so? The track weaves na-na-na-nas, Beck-ish cadences, and a constant synth presence for a 2:50 ride through lyrics about red alerts, ticking bombs, and possessing cigarettes. Really only one part to it, harmless fun for a decidedly un-summerish day. Buy here.

Tags: Beck