New Fiona Apple – “Why Try To Change Me Now?” (Cy Coleman Cover)

Fiona Apple seems like the sort who has issues with excess life drama. Also, she makes a living on it. So the Jon Brion/Mike Elizando fiasco surrounding her last release Extraordinary Machine may have been jarring, but also perversely satisfying? (I took psych as an undergrad, don’t worry about it.) Either way, aside from a one-off soundtrack contribution to Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D (and who knows when she hit the studio for that), and a couple of comfy interviews with friends Quentin Tarantino and Zach Galfiananananakis, it’s been all quiet on the Fiona front. So covering a legendary jazz and Broadway composer for a tribute EP is probably a perfect way to slowly reemerge and work on the EM followup I’m dying to hear. Especially when the song is called “Why Try To Change Me Now?”

(Thanks for the tip on Fiona Apple, Teco Apple.)

Fiona played Largo at the Coronet Theater for the That Was Then And This Is Now: A Tribute To Cy Coleman EP’s release party, so that is heartening. More info at Now for some history: Here’s Cy doing the tune written for Frank Sinatra on the Art Ford show:

And here’s three more versions of the song, the first by Beverley Kenney (1956), and the latter two by Frank in 1952 and 1959: