New Goes Cube – “Song 46″

We’ve already mentioned our love for shredding, loudmouthed Brooklyn power trio Goes Cube a couple few times, but the guys have new songs — their heaviest yet — so we figured we should bring ‘em up again: “Song 46″‘s not a fuck-you song; instead, it eventually builds into some kind of Drive Like Jehu burner only with more AmRep’s and fewer sideways twists. We love the beginning, too, uncoiling with Unwound’s sense of feedback as a flotation device.

Goes Cube – “Song 46″ (MP3)

The bludgeoner’s one of four songs recorded by Foreign Islands’ Dean Baltulonis at his Wild Arctic studio in Long Island City, shortly after the boys returned home from tour. Where the tunes’ll eventually end up isn’t so clear: Guitarist/Vocalist David Obuchowski tells us they plan to do a single with an unnamed UK label, and mentioned they have enough material for a full-length follow-up to Beckon The Dagger God ? now someone needs to be smart and sign ‘em!

If you want to hear more Goes Cube, own a pair of earplugs, and are in NYC this weekend, you can catch them live Friday at the Bowery Ballroom with Stereo Total and the Octopus Project, and on Saturday for our NYC blog bretheren’s After The Jump Festival, a day-long charity event organized by a couple dozen bloggers, featuring Locksley, Ra Ra Riot, Spectrum, etc., at Studio B in Brooklyn. If you want to thank the organizers, they’ll be the ones taking lots of pictures. It’s like our lifeblood.

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