New Stars Video – “Take Me To The Riot”

Join Stars for a classic, coming-of-age tale: Bright-eyed ‘n’ stringy-haired kid takes the bus for his maiden voyage to the big city, where tacky marquees, scraggly old ladies, and pigeon infested sidewalks challenge his “excited,” preconceived notions of urban paradise. Until, of course, he runs into some affable hipsters and ends up at a Stars show. Hey, wait, cities really ARE awesome after all! But seriously kids, if you have to sleep on a laundromat stoop, at least bring a blanky.

As you’ll remember, Stars shook up the internet by shrewdly releasing their new LP In Our Bedroom After The War in digital form just a week-and-a-half after announcing its completion — but if you’ve been avoiding iTunes in wait for the physical release (9/25 via Arts & Crafts), you may have been a prescient decision: the band’s including a free 55-minute tour documentary DVD , entitled Are We Here Now?, with a limited number of CDs. Argh, mixed messages, Stars! But it looks cool. Check the trailer below.