Revenge Of The Bookeaters Gets Some Broken Social Sceners

Just a few days away from this year’s 826NYC benefit show at Beacon Theater, and in order to sway the remaining holdouts amongst you into buying tickets (tax-deductible!), there’s been a few noteworthy additions to the Revenge Of The Bookeaters lineup. These guys remain…

A.C. Newman sings alone
Grizzly Bear is a band
Feist reads from a book
Jim James croons
Sarah Vowell speaks
Demetri Martin hosts

…and since our preview post, they’ve gone and upped the ante with Spoon man Britt Daniel, and just yesterday, Kevin Drew (plus other assorted, unnamed members of Broken Social Scene). If last year’s any indication (hint: it is), there’s bound to be some sweet onstage collabs, and getting everyone’s favorite Canadian collective on board essentially seals that deal. Tickets are still available here. See great music, support the cause, impress your date, all in the name of helping kids learn to get expositive. Plus, your accountant will love you.