New Jay Reatard – “You’re Gonna Lose”

The prolific punker’s launched a new website, relaunched his label Shattered Records, started a singles series, and announced Greatest Messes, a new compilation of his favorite works from the time before he recorded as Jay Reatard. Unsurprisingly, this is a shit ton of music. And what better way to commemorate a shit ton of music than a little bit of it for free. Fork over your email and you can download the garagey surf-rock of new tune “You’re Gonna Lose” at Get a free stream (or spend $7.99 to take) Greatest Messes here. And if that’s not enough, consider dropping $75 to be a part of the Shattered Records Club, which comes with just about everything Reatard-related short of personal ass-kicking lessons, which in fairness you can get those for free if you just join him onstage sometime.

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