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The 8 Best Videos Of The Week

This week we’ve got new videos from Times New Viking, The Chap, Matt & Kim, and As I Lay Dying. A lot of this week’s videos are pretty violent. And usually it’s the band’s members getting beaten up. In the Esben and the Witch video the violence is only implied, in As I Lay Dying the band get kidnapped and executed by terrorists or Mexican drug gangs or the FCC. Matt and Kim’s video shows the pair beating each other up. It’s a little off-putting, especially since these two often have shit-eating grins on their faces while playing, being interviewed, or being photographed. It makes me think this is some very real rage getting worked out. Or maybe they just love to suffer in their art.

Esben And The Witch – “Warpath” (Dir. David Procter and Peter King)

This is only the second most haunting video directors Proctor and King have made for Esben And The Witch. Their clip for “Marching Song” — where the camera slowly moves as the band become more beat up and bloody, is harder to watch. Here the band are mostly stationary, again, while another trapped and injured man tries to fight his way out of the house.

Magnetic Man – “Getting Nowhere” (Feat. John Legend) (Dir. Diamond Dogs)

Faceless horsemen and bike hooligans spread fear around London docks. Diamond Dogs — directors Phil Sansom and Olly Williams — also directed Maximo Park’s “Apply Some Pressure.” Watch their Magnetic Man clip here.
Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere Feat John Legend

Times New Viking – “No Room To Live” (Dir. Brandon Reichard and Pelham Johnston)

According to the Vimeo description, every single frame of this clip was “… printed from real video, then hand drawn, colored, or decorated and put back together.” About 40 artists participated in the project, working on almost 3,000 stills. I love that some of the artists abandoned the action completely, and turned in comic books and collages.

The Chap – “We’ll See You Breakdown” (Dir. Larry Seftel and David Day)

I’m really tired of how music videos objectify women, so I’m glad there’s finally a little something for the laaaaaaaaadieeees.

Honorable Mention:

Deadsets – “One Hour” (Dir. Jonas Govaerts) (NSFW)

(via Antville)

Matt & Kim – “Cameras” (Dir. Jonathan Del Gatto)

As I Lay Dying – “Anodyne Sea” (Dir. McFarland & Pecci)

Dream Cop – “Marooned” (Dir. Benjamin Brewer)