Duran Duran Gets Covered By Silent Fate, Offers Up New Tune “Falling Down”

Remember Duran Duran’s “Come Undone”? From back in the ’90s, before the Brits met Timbo and Timberlake? Right, well maybe not the halcyon “Rio” days, but that didn’t stop us from being intrigued by a slick, moody, ‘n’ metal cover of the tune. The first single from Long Island rockers Silent Fate’s forthcoming debut The Autumn Machine stays faithful to DD, but for the addition of phat double bass, extra guitar licking, and some occasional backup growls. Or, wait, was that just Simon Le Bon’s stomach?

A video is set to appear soon, though the Faters filmed it at the Bonneville Salt Flats, so it sadly appears they’re not sticking with the original’s ambient aquarium set, doll smashing, cross dressing, and chained underwater singing. Or, hell, maybe they will … only with a bit of that Utah flair! Silent Fate’s The Autumn Machine is out 10/2.

Meanwhile in Duran land, the band’s got another track from their forthcoming Red Carpet Massacre. It’s called “Falling Down,” and it’s better than “Night Runner.” Which is saying nothing. Stream it at Drawer B. Still needs less Timbo.