New Datarock Video – “Give It Up”

When Brandon and I first saw Datarock in some small Oslo club for an Øyafestivalen afterparty (Rockefeller’s, maybe?), both of us just couldn’t get beyond the gimmick of their dance poses and red jumpsuit apparatus. But I mean, obviously. They are a ridiculous band to observe. But their steadfast and nerdy commitment to concept and uniform is probably at least part of the reason this publicity shot with Devo materialized from SXSW, and catch the act at the right angle and it becomes difficult to deny the goofy goodness of it all. “The right angle” in this case is the video for “Give It Up,” a Datarock fight song about unsolicited enemas, which sees the guys get into a “Beat It” styled dance-off with a group of thugs no less ridiculous looking than themselves. By the end, everyone is joined in their preference for red tracksuits because, you know, life.

(via P4K)

Red is out late summer via Nettwerk. You can catch Kissy Sell Out’s remix of the track via this week’s Gum Drop. And for bonus, here’s the treatment of “True Stories”:

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