Wolves Decline To Eat Creed Fan

Here is the story of a 13-year-old boy from Rakkestad, Norway, who found that the music of Creed saved him from a wolf attack. By inspiring the animals to saunter off in disgust. Via NME:

Eikrem was listening to Creed’s Overcome through his mobile phone and decided he’d try and utilise the band’s music to scare the wolves away. He reportedly removed his headphones and turned the volume up to maximum, at which point the wolves turned and walked away.

Eikrem said that when the wolves heard Creed they “didn’t really get scared, they just turned around and simply trotted away”.

Scientists have long known they have a highly refined sense of hearing, but this new info proves finally that wolves have better taste than the year 1999. Today, we are all wolves.

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