New Wisely Video (Feat. Jenna Fischer) – “Through Any Window”

Right, well, we have no idea who Wisely is either. But put Jenna Fischer’s name in your YouTube tags and you’re gonna get our attention — especially if it turns out the Office beauty’s in the thing. Wisely (first name Willy) believes his craft to be “evocative pop” (so much so that it’s his domain name) and evocative props to him for getting Jenna to star in her largest music-related project this side of Walk Hard. The clip’s a single shot affair, featuring Ms. Fischer as the face that launched a thousand polaroids, kind of a Memento meets Eternal Sunshine vibe (without the murder and mind excursions). And the song? A double-tracked vocal guy-with-guitar thing, sort of a less disturbed/less interesting Elliott Smith-y thing. But whatever, Pam’s in it.

Jenna explains how it came about, giving false hope to bloggers (and, probably, evocative, pop singer-songwriters) everywhere.

Wisely is out 10/2 on Oglio.