Bigmouths Strike Again: Bashing Pumpkins Edition

Been a long time since rock festivals were about peace, love, and understanding, and that anti-maxim goes triple for the Carling Weekend. Still though, you’d think the bands would present a unified front and show a little love for each other. And, you’d think wrong. Here’s what a big Reading/Leeds scheduled artist had to say about bill-mate Billy Corgan et al.

I was never a big Smashing Pumpkins fan back when they were the Pumpkins, not to shit on Billy (Corgan) or anything but I don’t hear anything that would make me want to care.

I think trying to resurrect the name Smashing Pumpkins ………its all a bit corporate for me.

Guess the Pumpkins smasher, take the jump.

(via NME)