New Decemberists – “The Perfect Crime (A Touch Of Class Remix)”

Never thought we’d hear the Decemberists backed by Liquid Liquid bang-on-a-can drums and slicing Rapture-style guitar chops, but that’s because it took until now for A Touch Of Class to get their cowbell-toting, Scissor Sister-buffing hands on “Perfect Crime #2″ and transform it into a fantastic Big Apple rump shaker. We mentioned The Perfect Crime #2 EP last week and we noticed some of y’all had difficulty hearing the Junior Boys remix after you signed up over at Capitol and found out downloads had been exceeded, so please use this stream of “Perfect Crime #2 (A Touch Of Class Robs The Bank Remix)” as balm.

The Junior Boys offered an icy ‘n’ spacey take, but the New York DJ/production team has no qualms about full-on booty bass: Under their knob-turning, Colin Meloy comes off as a legit dance director! Really, who knew?

The Perfect Crime #2 EP is out 9/25 on Capitol.