Kanye Doesn’t Dis TV On The Radio

As if it hasn’t been obvious, Kanye fessed up to the New York Times in this weekend’s article: he’s on a mission to make you think he’s cool. So if you’re keeping score: To the list of sampling Daft Punk, getting Takashi Murakami to illustrate Graduation’s cover art, hooking up with Zach Galifiankis & Will Oldham, offering a Way Out performance with Peter Bjorn & John, and flying Vinnie Chase’s posse to Cannes in his private jet on last night’s Entourage, add this carefully studied non-slam of Kyp, Tunde, Sitek et al:

Via NYT:

?I love TV on the Radio?s production,? he said, referencing the critically acclaimed Brooklyn indie-rockers, ?but man, at the end of the day, Keane and the Killers have bigger hooks.? Mr. West stops, considers, then laughs. ?The last thing I need now in my quest to be cool is for somebody to think I dissed TV on the Radio.?

No Kanye, the last thing you need in your quest to be cool is to tell people you’re on a quest to be cool. But, points for being self-aware (anybody?). And at least he’s honest about his favorite rock bands at the moment (the Fray and All-American Rejects). As for Graduation, the Times had an advance listen and describe the track “Homecoming” (featuring Chris Martin) as a “piano jam … which recalls early Billy Joel.” Cool? Maybe? Regardless, it’s good to know Mr. West’s got big things on his mind. Like becoming a better dresser.

?I mess up so much,? he said of his forays into fashion, art and the like. He pontificated at length about some of his missteps, particularly with style. (The lavender tuxedo he wore to the 2007 Grammys is a particular sore spot.) ?For me to not be on the Vanity Fair best-dressed list, it?s good,? he said. ?It?s motivation.”

At least he’s got his priorities straight. And what’s cooler than that, kids.