The 1st ‘WAVVCOAST’ “Joint” Interview

Wavves’ Nathan Williams and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino are a big and very important indie rock couple, but they’ve never toured together or done an interview together. Now they’ve accomplished the latter on the night before the former: their first co-headlining tour. And from the start of their interview in The L.A. Times’s Pop & Hiss blog, you know this one’s a winner:

L.A. Times: So is this your first joint interview?

Nathan Williams: Yeah. Well, we’ve done interviews…

Bethany Cosentino: With joints!

NW: I actually pre-jointed.

I’ve only found pot come up quicker in one other musician’s interview, this Snoop Dog interview for High Times conducted in 1999, so this is impressive. The second half of the interview hasn’t been posted yet, but part 1 has more on their mutual pot/cat obsessions, how they met, and what they think of people who make fun of their relationship.

The pair are also celebrating their first joint tour with a limited, tour-only 7″. You can also get it via iTunes.