Gossip Girl Is The New Grey’s Anatomy

More press for Alexandra Patsavas! Billboard reports the ears and mind behind Chop Shop Music Supervision (i.e. the firm that helped make The OC and Grey’s Anatomy de facto band launching pads)/new label owner has a new gig: soundtracking Gossip Girl, the upcoming CW series from The OC creator Joshua Schwartz. Just don’t expect to hear the characters partying to Animal Collective any time soon.

As with “The OC” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” and other shows on the CW, music will feature heavily into the lives and plot lines of the main characters. For instance, promo spots for “Gossip Girl”-viewable on the CW and the Internet-feature Fergie’s “Glamorous” and Aqualung’s “Something to Believe In.”

Patsavas says these two acts are representative of the show’s music. “What ‘The OC’ did for indie rock, we’d like ‘Gossip Girl’ to do for pop,” she says. The pilot episode of “Gossip Girl” spotlights music by Rihanna, the Mooney Suzuki, Hanson, Amy Winehouse, Angels & Airwaves and others.

Probably won’t make much of a dent in your downloading queue. Still, this is a New York based show (exploring the lives of rich Upper East Side kids), so Patsavas says “we’ll definitely be using some New York-based bands.” Betcha this page gets 1,000 friend requests overnight. Predictions for bands that’ll appear on the show? Here’s ours.