New Tori Amos Video – “Welcome To England”

Forever the showcase for hot up-and-coming talent, SXSW hosted a special performance by Tori Amos this year. The unforgettable M.I.L.F. took the opportunity to debut three songs from her forthcoming Abnormally Attracted To Sin, Tori’s tenth studio album. For this record she’s shelved the schizophrenia in favor of tunes about mother/son pot-smoking negotiations and greetings from Britain. There’s no drastic reinvention afoot in lead single “Welcome To England,” and that is not a bad thing: paired with typically killer beats from drum hero Matt Chamberlain, Tori hits an edgy, percussive groove through the verses and turns in a surprisingly vibrant track for such an aged vet. The hook turns to too-smoothed adult-contempo-pop, but hey, strong first single. And you’d take Tori slinking along gold-wrought fences over the nonsense limo-driver scrum at Heathrow as a welcome to England any day.

Abnormally Attracted to Sin is out 5/19 with distribution by Universal Republic. Sticking tight to the “England” theme, Tori’s announced a single album-preview show at London’s Savoy Theatre on 4/27, titled “Acoustically Attracted To Sin.” Buy tickets here. Don’t talk during it or she’ll kick you the fuck out.

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