Peter Bjorn & John – “Second Chance” (Stereogum Premiere)

After brief detours resting most of their guitars in favor of keyboards and sample pads on Living Thing in 2009, and most of their voices in favor of horns and extended instrumentals with Seaside Rock the year before, Peter Bjorn & John are back in their uncannily catchy, traditionally arranged pop rock guise. Gimme Some is the band’s sixth album and picks up the direction of Writer’s Block, taking it into equally melodic albeit a scruffier, more downtown/garage direction. They sound hungry. There was “Breaker Breaker,” which Jessica tagged “short, fast & aggressive” before hoping more of the album sounded like it. (It does.) “Second Chance” isn’t as gruff, though through its reverb and overdriven vocals it still seethes, just with more restraint, a slower roll, and a cowbell. There’s a flash of harmonizing guitars and Peter sounding impassioned in castigating, preaching an urgency you can hear in Gimme Some’s sound: “You count count count on the second chance / the second chance will never be found / You count count count on the second try / the second try will never come down.” Hear that below, and scroll for details about the band’s show this Thursday night downstairs at Santos Party House, a space considerably smaller than the arenas they were playing opening for Depeche Mode their last time through here.

Peter Bjorn & John – “Second Chance”

Gimme Some is out 3/29 via StarTime International. The show at Santos calls for 8PM doors and 9PM showtime, with tickets marked at $10. They’ll sell out soon after they’re put on sale (which will be soon after this post goes live), so keep on this buy link.