New Bodies Of Water – “It Is Familiar”

Los Angeles golden-tongued indie-gospel quartet Bodies Of Water make us want to see Hair while alternating between ABBA and the Sufjan team on an iPod. Or something. “It Is Familiar” possesses a dramatic, made-for-the-stage, windswept lilt as well as some lovingly opaque lyricism: “It was meant to be, / There was something inside you / And the thing had to come out / When it left you, / You rediscovered life / So what else could it have been for?” Don’t know, you tell us!

Bodies Of Water – “It Is Familiar” (MP3)

As you’ve by now noticed, the next lines turn things on their head, making the prior abstract musing about as up-close domestic as you can get: “When you bend over into the fridge /And try to grab some Tupperware, / I?ll surprise you and pour the half and half, / Onto your newly sunburnt neck.” And, well, subsequent bits delve into lotioned arms … Husband/wife singers David and Meredith Metcalf must be fun caroling partners around the holidays! (Jessica Conklin and Kyle Gadden add voices ‘n’ hands to the Bodies’ core-choir, but live the band can swell to eight or 10, depending on glory of that particular night.)

So yeah, anyway, we’re not entirely sure what this thing’s about, but we definitely dig.

If you want to hear more, one of the better tracks floating around the internet this very moment is the Polyphonic/Arcade Fire joyous “These Are The Eyes.” (Hold onto that second movement …. yow!)

Bodies Of Water – “These Are The Eyes” (MP3)

Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink is out now on the band’s own Thousand Tongues label.