New Marilyn Manson Video – “Putting Holes In Happiness”

Marilyn Manson wants to shock you! Always! But at some point in the late ’90s, most of us were anesthetized to his shtick-for-brains ways. And so, with his courtship of 19 year-old Evan Rachel Wood and subsequent blood-shower fucking scene with the teen, he’s found a ripe, new demo to disturb: dads with teenage girls. Evan’s not the star of “Putting Holes In Happiness,” but a heart-shape-faced young’n with pretty doe eyes is, and Marilyn’s just your average pasty vampire, embracing her in ways that will scare the shit out of your parents. Too bad they’ll never see it! But if Brian Warner’s goal was to make Mr. and Mrs. Wood feel increasingly like mortified failures — well done indeed.