Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Sitek Remixes Lykke Li

Keeping busy never seems a problem for Dave Sitek, the TV On The Radio producer/guitarist/windchime specialist who also did ScarJo doing Waits and also nailed down a barrage of collaborations for his Maximum Balloon project which led to his eventually replacing Duff McKagan as bassist for Jane’s Addiction apparently? Perfectly normal career trajectory. While you were spending your afternoon thinking about what to have for dinner sometime last year he brought his ™-mix of arty post-punk guitars, Stuart Bogie-fied horn arrangements, and electronic dance beats to Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers.” It’s not as good as the original, which attains its pop-sexiness in sparer arrangement and a swaggering pulse, but I guess the point of this post is that Sitek probably has an excuse or two for this not being The Greatest Thing. (Plus it’s not suffering for a lack of ideas; if anything, it is for too many of them.) It’s fine and nice and will resonate with ardent supporters of the Sitaesthetic (portmanteau: Sitek aesthetic ), and puts him in league with the equally workaholic fellow Lykke Li-remixer Beck. Stream and download:

Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes is out 3/1 via LL Recordings. And here’s a filmic video Lykke uploaded to her Vimeo account the other day. It’s her own little “Wicked Game,” without a vocal, though she’s saying more than enough with her silent dramatic posturing and far-off stares.