New Band Of Horses – “Is There A Ghost”

We’ve always had trouble sleeping in haunted houses, but seems like it’s no big thang for Mr. Ben Bridwell. Unsurprisingly, the first single from our favorite digicam-dissing, art-auctioning reverb-rockers’ Cease To Begin is a dynamically rich, melancholically sound anthem with a riff-tastic guitar exeunt. Very pretty, florid stuff. (If ya didn’t hear yet, grab a free MP3 at BOH’s MySpace.) Just one complaint: Is it only us or could you imagine this thing building for another minute or so? Cuts out right before it heads skyward … Then again, maybe dude is scared of haunted houses, plus all their well-worn metaphorical associations, and wanted to slip out ASAP. Regardless, we’re already singing along by heart (emphasis, of course, on heart).

Also, hey, dig the lack of a question mark in the song title! So affirmative, Ben. And, by the by, also dig that spiraling chest flora…

Cease To Begin is out 10/9 on Sub Pop.