Sleigh Bells – “Rill Rill” Video

One of last year’s finest albums, Treats, still has press extension in 1/11: Diplo’s rework did for “Tell ‘Em” what director John Watts’s classroom-noir/road-trip-gone-sour treatment does for “Rill Rill,” the Parliament-sampling Sleigh Bells standout that Alexis and Derek had in demo form from Day 1 (i.e. the “Ring Ring” days). The action comes via hot rod on a dusty freeway, and Alexis plotting and posing for senior portraits (cue the Treats cheerleader covergirl/high school motif), and a bloody gash to Derek’s skull. The treatment’s sweet and serrated, blushing and brutal, which is about right for a video for this album. Looksee:

Ring ring:

Sleigh Bells – “Ring Ring” (Demo)