Epstein – Sealess See

Epstein is Roberto Carlos Lange, the recently Brooklyn-based sound artist who we’ve seen both as leader of the project Helado Negro, and in support on Guillermo Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73’s more pastoral project Savath Y Savalas. Lange’s been working under the Epstein guise for 10 years now; last year Asthmatic Kitty re-released his back catalog, this week saw the digital/vinyl issue of his new LP Sealess Sea. The title suits the music’s post-structuralist ebb and flow, much as it does its track titles (“Jellyfish,” “Seashells And Starfish,” “And Octopus Tongue,” et seatera). See slips out in 17 tracks of short-lived segues and meditative, largely instrumental ephemera, tied together by tripping beats and a constantly oscillating, experimentally amorphous aesthetic. It’s sort of like a Donuts for folks seeking gentle and kind left-field glitch and ambient vamp outs. Download the wordless chants and droney tribal pulse of “Jellyfish” along with “Sealess And Starfish”‘s echoing grooves, take a look at the Mr. Fig-created video for “And Octopus Tongue”‘s lilting psychedelia; you might think of Mobb Deep, you might find a sample here for your next rap track. To tie it back to Prefuse 73, whose glitched mastery hovers over his collaborator’s work on Sealess, we also have a remix Prefuse filed of the Epstein cut “Seite Campanas De La Serenidad,” from a collection called Prefuse 73/JayTram/Epstein. That album set sees Herren and Yeasayer drummer Jason Trammell reinterpret and reform 13 Epstein compositions in their own mold. (You can buy it for a price of your choosing.)

A logical extension of all this collaboration and experimental sound sculpting is Roberto’s interest in actual, tangible sound sculptures. I’ve included a video below featuring a trashcan of junk Lange reclaimed and rigged to a laptop, along with collaborator David Ellis, to create a piece of self-playing digital junkyard percussion — a Macbook trashbucket pianola, or something. And if that vibe suits you, you should check out the one-day-only art show Sequence Of Waves, presented by the Rabid Hands art collective, open this Saturday (1/29) for a $5 donation at St. Cecilia’s Convent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn from 2PM-9PM. Roberto joins some 60-odd artists, including Parts & Labor and G. Lucas Crane of Woods/Nonhorse, in taking over the structure with a variety of installations, suspensions, and performances, with the overarching intent of exploring the convent halls’ resonant space. (Here’s a bit on Roberto’s piece, here’s a graph on Lucas’s.) If you can’t make it, there’s a livestream at sequenceofwaves.com. And there’s more info at The Social Network.

OK. Now for lots of audio/visual content. Dig in:

I’d like to be, under the Sea:

Tracks from Sealess See for download:
Epstein – “Jellyfish”
Epstein – “Seashells And Starfish”

Stream the whole thing:

Buy via Asthmatic Kitty. Here’s that Prefuse 73 remix:

Epstein – “Seite Campanas De La Serenidad (Prefuse 73 Remix)”

Stream the entire Prefuse 73/JayTram/Epstein LP:

Donate to the cause at Bandcamp. Now here’s that video of the Macbook trashbucket percussive pianola, or whatever:

And, closing with a video documenting one of the projects from this weekend’s Sequence Of Waves exhibition: