New Kanye West (Feat. Chris Martin) – “Homecoming”

While others are filling in the dorms and hitting up the mall for sweet back to school savings, ‘Ye’s bracing for his much hyped Graduation day (9/11). Inescapable as he’s been of late, West had one more big PR party up his sleeve for pre-release buzz: last night’s Graduation listening party at Manhattan’s National Theater. We didn’t make it (busy crossing the Ts and dotting the Is on the ‘Gum Drop!), which means we didn’t get the free ventilated, venetian shades, banana smoothies, or handshakes from Q-Tip that MTV did. But thanks to the internet, we didn’t need to leave our apartments to hear “Homecoming,” the tune featuring Chris Martin that New York Times said “recalls early Billy Joel.” Does it really?

A little, why not, with Kanye serenading Chi city next to Chris’s “Do you think about me now and then … fireworks at Lake Michigan …” (Martin even gives ya two “Lo-ee-oh-ee-oh!”s, which he picked up while on vacay with Gwyneth.) Have a listen at Hypem.

Also worth noting about last night’s party: Kanye says the Grad cut “I Wonder” is his “City Of Blinding Lights,” inspired after watching U2 open to massive applause. But Kanyego wasn’t done there! According to him, Graduation is one of the ten best hip hop albums of all time.

But what you really wanna know: Will its opening week outsell Fifty’s Curtis? Below, 30 seconds of every song from both albums so you can be a more informed bettor.



OK, well Kanye sampled Daft Punk AND Steely Dan and has a song that sounds somewhat like Billy Joel, so it’s clear who won Stereogum’s heart.

The real war will be fought at Best Buy or wherever the fuck people buy CDs these days.