New Orba Squara – “Brand New Day” (And iPhone Jingle)

New Orba Squara – “Brand New Day” (And iPhone Jingle)

This is what happens when you pen a tune that gets picked up by an ubiquitous ad campaign: You’re no longer just “an indie rock band from NYC,” now you’re “Orba Squara — ya know, that band that wrote the iPhone jingle?” Well things are looking decidedly and expectedly up for Orba Squara (aka Mitch Davis); his album sunshyness is out this October, and now Hollywood’s come a knockin’. Here’s the built-for-flicks toe-tapper “Brand New Day” from the soundtrack to Wedding Daze which stars Isla Fischer, so it can’t be all bad.

Orba Squara – “Brand New Day” (MP3)

And if you haven’t got enough of it yet, here’s the iPhone jingle, for your iPhone! Too bad you can’t really make it your ringtone yet (anyone find a good hack to allow your MP3s to be ringtones?). It’s actually even better with Mitch’s sunshy vocals…

Orba Squara – “Perfect Timing (This Morning)” (MP3)

“Perfect Timing (This Morning)” is on Orba’s record sunshyness, out 10/9 available at, well, duh.

And in a crazy twist, “Perfect Timing (This Morning” is so perfect a soundtrack for next generation mobile communication devices that not even Microsoft could resist. The new zunephone spot:

On a serious note: iPhone users, you may wanna pay attention to this sob story. One of us here had a tragic mishap as a result of downloading Apple’s most recent software upgrade. After agreeing to the download and upon the next iPhone sync, iMac asked if it would be okay to change more than 5% of Address Book’s contacts. We agreed (happens often if you’ve been updating your contacts on the fly), but the results were disasterous: Somehow, Address Book WAS WIPED CLEAN. That means no more phone numbers/contacts/emails on iPhone, and more importantly for the MacMail dependent … no more email addresses. Sure we can still find email addys by searching through MacMail for past dispatches — but essentially we’re starting from scratch here.

Called Apple, they have nothing for us (though they did mention a select few had the same issue after the first software upgrade).

OK, so here’s your lesson: BACK UP YOUR MAC ADDRESS BOOK BEFORE EACH SOFTWARE UPGRADE. Sorry for all caps, but please learn from our mistake. Or, well, Apple’s mistake, our misfortune. (Take the Library/Application Suport/AddressBook/ file and save it somewhere else.) OK, tech time over. Friends, if we’ve been avoiding your calls … now you know.

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